We stock a huge range of new cylinders and re-manufactured up to 15,000 psi


– Industrial
– Agricultural
Pumps and Motors
Gear to 19,000 psi
Vane to 7,500 rpm
Piston 5cc-300 Rev
Manual - Stackable, Monoblock
Solenoid to cetop standard
Air Piloted Valves and Control heads
Proportional, Servo incl. Electronics to suit relief
Pressure - sequence, reducing
Flow - Check Valves, Controls, Temp & Press
10,000 psi product and systems
Flow pressure and temperature sensors
Hoses and Fittings


We stock a full range of oils including:

• Hydraulic 10W • Hydraulic AW15 • Hydraulic AW22 • Hydraulic AW32 • Hydraulic AW46 • Hydraulic AW68 • Hydraulic 32HVI • Hydraulic 46HVI • Hydraulic 68HVI • Slideway 68 • ATF Dexron11 & 111 • Chain Bar Oil

Workshop Repairs and Services



This power pack is an air driven diaphragm hydraulic pump and filtration system to provide 10 micron cleanliness lubrication fluid for transmission dynometer. This power packs roll is to provide lubrication fluids, recycling from transmission test unit for large transmissions from trucks. This power pack is indicative of many of the special systems which were designed in house and to order.


After diagnosis and confirmation from testing equipment the above hydraulic pump was dismantled for inspection. This picture showing scoring on the valve kidney plate confirms the diagnosis of high internal leak rate and higher than normal operating temperatures. Upon rebuild and after testing the unit was reinstalled and at 2 years shows no further faults.


The chrome rod bent in this case, bent not just because of load but due to the skip loader insurance repair being carried out incorrectly. The repair to the cylinder was in fact the secondary result, the primary being the diagnosis of the real problem which was in fact the support and pivot frames being incorrectly repaired after a collision with a tree.


This cylinder which is dismantled is not damaged in any way. It is in fact a cylinder of a standard configuration which will have modifications carried out to allow it to be utilised at an extremely competitive price against a cylinder of original manufacture. Non standard, not available for some considerable time and a client desperate for his machine to be working functionally. This cylinder will give him at least the same life if not better than the original.